2019 WORLD OKTA 캐나다 동부 차세대 무역스쿨

2019-05-27 00:49

지금까지 이런 강의는 없었다! 이것은 창업인가? 성공인가?

WORLD-OKTA 캐나다동부 차세대 무역스쿨 2019년 6월 21일 ~ 23일

창업을 위한! 성공을 향한! 캐나다 동부지역 차세대를 위한 강의/네트워킹이 2박3일동안 토론토에서 열립니다.

참가하신 분들에게 주어집니다
- 무역스쿨 수료증 ️월드옥타
- 차세대 모국방문 참가자격 ️
- 월드옥타 세계대회 참가 자격

신청기간 및 참가비 : 5월 1일부터 6월 20일까지 $200
장소 : Seneca Residence & Conference Centre 1760 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2J 5G3
인원 : 50명
참가대상 : 21세~39세 동포 및 유학생
문의 카카오톡 오픈채팅 문의 : 토론토 무역스쿨
이메일 문의 : okta.toronto.jr@gmail.com
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  • 2019-05-29 21:07


    Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L vin: [u]1FATP8UH3K5159596[/u]

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    Year: 2019

    VIN: [i]1FATP8UH3K5159596[/i]

    Condition: Run and Drive

    Engine: 2.3L I4 N

    Mileage: 827 miles (Actual)

    Seller: Avis Budget Group

    Documents: CLEAR (Florida)

    Location: Orlando (FL)

    Estimated Retail Value:

    Transmission: Automatic

    Body color: Blue

    Drive: Rear Wheel Drive

    Fuel: Gasoline

    Keys: Present

    Notes: Not specified

    Add to that drop-dead gorgeous looks and a starting price of only $59,140, and the Shelby GT350 makes a compelling case for itself.
    Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 6
    The good
    H/O: Ford Shelby Mustang G350 2
    The engine and transmission carry over from 2018. We’re normally a fan of updates, but the GT350 powertrain may just be the best engine-transmission combination on sale.

    7 Reasons 1FATP8UH3K5159596 Why the RUF BTR2 Is Better Than a Porsche01:23
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    Mustang Crash 1FATP8UH3K5159596 Test Results
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    March Muscle Car Mayhem! 2018 – Part 4: The 2018 Mustang GT – Consumer 1FATP8UH3K5159596 and Car Exam
    Font’s Point – Anza-Borrego State Park & Borrego Springs, CA 1FATP8UH3K5159596 – Consumer and Car Exam Travel Series

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    How To Tune-Up a 1969 International Scout: Part 2 05:25 1FATP8UH3K5159596
    The Mustang continues to provide terrific bang-for-your-buck performance and plenty of style. The base-model coupe has a V-6 and starts at $26,085; opting for the turbo inline-four adds about $1000. A convertible costs an extra $5500 with the V-6 and $9500 more with the turbocharged four-cylinder, which comes standard with the more expensive Premium trim. While the Mustang’s excellent chassis allows even the less powerful engines to be fun, we prefer the Mustang GT with the 5.0-liter V-8 and standard six-speed manual transmission. It starts at $34,095, which virtually 1FATP8UH3K5159596 matches the Dodge Challenger R/T ($34,090) and undercuts the Chevrolet Camaro SS ($37,900). The GT Premium trim adds $4000 but includes an 8.0-inch Sync 3 touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a leather-trimmed interior, heated and cooled front seats, and an upgraded audio system. We’d check that box and also opt for the GT Performance package ($2995), which includes:
    2019 1FATP8UH3K5159596 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible SS side
    March Muscle Car Mayhem! 2018 – Part 4: The 2018 Mustang GT – Consumer 1FATP8UH3K5159596 and Car Exam

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